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Infrastructure-related carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, supporting Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy

  • Over the past 12 months our work continued to contribute towards a net-zero carbon economy, saving over 15,000 tonnes of infrastructure-related CO2 emissions
  • Across our infrastructure programmes, there will be a 500,000 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions by the end of this Corporate Plan period
  • In the past year £60m worth of capital was invested in energy efficiency measures resulting in almost £9m/annum saving in energy costs

Our focus is to support Scotland reach its net zero ambition. Not only does our work generate cost and carbon savings, but it also supports local economic development and improves the quality of public buildings and assets.

Scottish Government’s Programme for Government clearly sets out its commitment to raising the country’s decarbonisation ambition in light of the climate emergency we face and we are working in areas to driving change, focusing on some of the key areas where we can make a real difference.

An example of this is in connection with electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints.

Since the early 2010s, the vast majority of public sector EV chargepoints were made free to help incentivise vehicle owners to change to new EVs. However, this meant there was not enough income coming in to maintain them and in recent years it also acted as a barrier to private sector investment that was needed to grow the EV charging network.

To bring in the level of investment required, our Net Zero Transport team worked with Transport Scotland and produced a report on chargepoints tariffs which set out the benefits of moving towards a fair, sustainable and enabling tariff, which is now seeing investments being made.

The impact of our work alongside that of our partners in this area, is further illustrated through this selection of case studies.