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We have a vibrant, innovative construction industry with increased productivity delivering well designed, high-quality products and fair work

  • We took a leadership role in the development and implementation of the Construction Recovery Plan and its working groups which led to the development of the Construction Accord
  • Since launching the Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool in summer 2021, the value of construction projects in the latest update has jumped nearly 50% to £13.4bn and is providing industry with a clear sight of over 1,700 public sector construction projects

This year our Improving Project Delivery team has taken responsibility for a number of new initiatives aimed at making improvements across the construction sector which are aligned with Scottish Government policies and the Construction Scotland Industry Strategy.

The first was the publication of the Construction Accord, which at its heart sits a Transformation Action Plan where 11 priority areas have been identified to be taken forward by a number of industry leaders, overseen by SFT’s Chief Executive, Peter Reekie in partnership with Scottish Government’s chief surveyor, Morag Angus.

The second was the establishment of the Construction Quality Improvement Collaborative which was formally launched in February 2023 and is a Scottish, sector-wide campaign for improving construction quality.

The impact of our work alongside that of our partners in this area, is further illustrated through this selection of case studies.