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We have innovative technology-enabled construction, asset management and usage optimisation at a place, portfolio, and network level as well as for individual assets

  • Through our infrastructure technology work, nearly £1.9bn worth of projects either in development or operation have implemented BIM, delivering a return on investment of £13m during the design and construction phase
  • To date, the Standard Information Management Plan (SIMP) has been adopted on 54 projects across 23 local authorities. In the past year, SFT facilitated a client/contractor working group to deliver a standard approach for building handover through the development of SIMP v2

There are over 5,000 schools and early learning facilities providing education for over 700,000 young people across Scotland, so ensuring they perform at their peak can bring much wider benefits such as reduced carbon emissions, improved wellbeing of those using them, reduced running costs and ultimately improved learning outcomes.

With our Learning Estate team managing the Learning Estate Investment Programme (LEIP) on behalf of Scottish Government, in 2020 our Digital Infrastructure team devised and produced a new Standard Information Management Plan (SIMP) to enhance the performance and delivery of projects delivered through LEIP.

Such has been its impact, that the SIMP is currently mandated to be used by all local authorities on all LEIP schools, which has catalysed its wider adoption on other public sector infrastructure projects.

The impact of our work alongside that of our partners in this area, is further illustrated through this selection of case studies.