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There is improved coherence, pace and placemaking across major private commercial, industrial and housing development

  • Through our programmes, £2.5bn of investment in private sector development has been unlocked, much of it in areas where regeneration is creating new opportunities for economic activity or meeting new levels and types of housing demand

On one particular project, our Real Estate team has worked closely with NHS Lothian, National Services Scotland and NHS Lothian Health Charity for a number of years on the sale of a 150-year-old hospital in Liberton in  Edinburgh.

Understanding the challenges that lay ahead for the three NHS landowners in selling the site, the team provided support and focus on developing a coordinated strategy that would allow the land and buildings to be sold as one, and be developed for a mixed tenure residential development.

Prior to the hospital coming to market, The City of Edinburgh Council had identified the wider Liberton area as suitable for a mixed tenure residential development and the Real Estate team worked with the Council and Health Boards on a ‘public to public’ sale that will now deliver much-needed housing for the Council and meet the NHS Boards’ coordinated sale strategy.

The impact of our work alongside that of our partners in this area, is further illustrated through this selection of case studies.